Three foundations in College for Canines Obedience Training

Throughout all our Obedience Training prgrams there are three foundations we work to develop to make your best friend a "Straight A" student. These are:

     -  Timing

     - Consistency

     - Motivation

 All breeds are welcome to obedience training
from Puppy Imprinting to grown dogs
for Behavior Modification!


College for Canines Training Programs

College for Canines offers a wide-range of
training programs that will fit your dog's needs!

     -  Basic and Advanced Obedience Training
Basic and Advanced obedience classes are also
                  available for your dog. Dogs 5 weeks and older
           are taught commands such as:
           Sit, Stay, Down, Come, and Heel when on their leash

           When your dog has completed the basic lessons
           he or she will be a well-behaved pet.

  Obedient dogs are happy pets with happy owners!

     -  Dog Behavior Modification
Helps dogs with behavioral problems such as
         chewing, digging, shy or aggressive behavior.         
Housebreaking is also addressed to make your life
         easier with your dog. Jumping on people, barking,          biting can also be corrected.

     -  Puppy Imprinting
Puppy training is done on and off leash.

     -  Private Obedience Training
Basic Private Training Lessons can be held on
         location or at your home.
         This course teaches: Sit, Stay, Down, Come,
         and Heel on a leash 

     -  Agility Training

     -  In-Kennel Dog Training
My In-Kennel Dog Training is helpful for owners who
         are busy travelling or unable to find the time to get
         your dog started.
         Your dog will be taken through all phases
         of obedience training.

     -  Hunting
As an avid duck and pheasant hunter,
        I also train hunting dogs.
         My training consists of working with puppies to
        mature dogs in retrieving. Dogs are taught listening
         to commands, flushing in tall and short fields of grass.

         Most hunting dogs love water and I have found
         starting their training at a young age is the most
         successful way to begin. Retrieving on land and water,
         motivation, and consistency brings out the fun in
         training your hunting companion! Call for pricing.

     -  In-Home Training
$50 / hour  

     -  Private Lessons
$45 / hour (at our office)  

     -  Housebreaking
Call for pricing  

     -  Schutzhund Training
Call for pricing.  

     -  Obedience Training
$325 for 5-7 days  
         Includes: sit/stay, down/stay, recall, off lead heeling,
         boarding and parent training (this means you)

Contact us today to sign up for one of our classes!

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